This is through the new Adaptive M Suspension. With this new feature, BMW has effectively engineered a way for you to adjust the ride of your BMW to meet all of your driving needs, no matter what they are. There are different modes that you can use to achieve these goals and using the system is pretty easy once you are behind the wheel. The three different modes that you can choose from include comfort mode, sport mode, and sport mode plus. If you are looking for a more relaxed ride, then comfort mode is the one to choose.

With this mode, the dampers are balanced out on uneven roads. At the same time, the vibrations are lessened for a smoother experience on the road. These two combined make for a very smooth ride that will allow you to relax and enjoy the journey even more.

On the other end, if you are looking for something a bit more sport based, then the sport mode is calling your name. While using this mode, the dampers are tightened and you get a more athletic suspension.

Read More. Additionally, the sport mode provides you with a dynamic suspension setting that results in maximum traction for your driving experience.

This mode is the one to choose if you are looking for a bit more action on the road and want to live a bit more on the dangerous side.

It you want something a bit more aggressive, then you should opt for the sport plus mode that takes it one step further. The great thing about this suspension system is that you get to decide how you want to drive your vehicle. If you want a smooth ride, you can absolutely do that.

However, you can also drive it like it is a real sports car and get all of the feelings of intensity that come along with it. The BMW models that come with this allow you with a lot more flexibility and you can change it up based on your needs and the situation.

To allow this to happen, there are highly sophisticated sensors on the BMW that will measure the driving conditions for you. The sensors will detect things like the road conditions, your speed, corner angles on the road and more. The sensors work continuously to help you determine the best driving mode.

You can choose to let the system determine the mode for you or you can manually change it as needed. If you want to try this out for yourself, be sure to stop by our show room to test it out. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and let you take a BMW with this system for a spin. The Different Modes The three different modes that you can choose from include comfort mode, sport mode, and sport mode plus. How It Works The great thing about this suspension system is that you get to decide how you want to drive your vehicle.

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Your video will appear once it is approved. Add Another Video. Does NOT Fit. Does Fit. If you car came from the factory with standard or sport suspension after driving it you might want a little performance increase but still keep it OEM.

bmw f30 adaptive suspension

This is a retrofit kit to do just that, this is the factory-spec BMW M Performance suspension and will give you a slight drop and improve handling. The kit includes sports shock and struts, mounts, and hardware. ECS Tuning is not affiliated with any automobile manufacturers. At least one option needs to be selected. There was an error submitting your request, please try again.

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Win this car! Add File. YouTube Link Add Video. M Performance Suspension Retrofit Kit. Add Document. Availability: Usually Ships in Days.

Qty Add To Cart. Add to Wish List. Does this fit my vehicle? All warranties, product application, fitment, and performance are the responsibility of ECS Tuning.The BMW i is the first example of the all-new 6th-generation 3 Series sedan code name: F30 we've had in the shop. It's hard to tell with the naked eye, but the footprint of BMW's volume seller has grown significantly. Longer overall by 4. And even though its overall width has shrunk by a scant 0. Despite all this, the curb weight of a i manual only increases by 44 pounds.

In CAFE terms, the footprint has been increased 5 percent, from That's interesting because cars with bigger footprints have less aggressive fuel economy increase targets.

bmw f30 adaptive suspension

And the new CAFE standards only regulate the footprints you build in a given year, not the footprints you built last time out. At least in part, this size growth may be an example of strategic upsizing for CAFE purposes.

Along the way you might want to open my walkaround of a BMW 3 Series in another window. That one was an M3, so you'll see more aluminum, but you can still see how the basic architecture differs Even though the detail dimensions are different, the basic 3 Series suspension philosophy remains. This is still a strut-based front suspension. As before, this is a "dual link" strut, in that it uses two distinct links greeneach with their own ball joint, instead of a single lower control arm and one lower ball joint.

The front stabilizer bar is direct-acting via an elongated stabilizer link yellow that connects directly to the strut housing. The key advantage of this arrangement is the ability to move the virtual steering pivot point outboard to a spot that would be physically impossible with a single ball joint.

This in turn allows the engineers to reduce the scrub radius and do other cool things with steering geometry.

Of course the "instantaneous virtual" intersection point shown above is constantly moving, so figuring it out properly is a bit more complicated than just overlaying a couple of yellow lines.

Among all that aluminum there's a front suspension height sensor green and we can just see the bottom of the twin-tube front strut yellow. One of the "tells" that gives away the twin-tube strut is this green flattened section for tire clearance.

And this mechanism yellow shows that this 3 Series is equipped with the "Adaptive M Sport" suspension with electronically controlled dampers. The height sensor we saw previously is one of several inputs that feed into the controlling ECU. The i's brakes, meanwhile, are comprised of single-piston floaters green and ventilated rotors. One of the openings in the front grille yellow brings in cool air. Peel back the diagonal hood seals on either side and you'll find a strut tower brace yellow that ties into the firewall.

The rear of the new 3 Series is propped up by a 5-link multilink setup that's similar, but not identical, to last year's. It's almost impossible to see all five links in one shot, but we'll eventually catch up with all of them. As we've seen many times before, the two upper links green approximate an upper A-arm. The forward-most of the two lower links yellow is visible, but the rearmost one is not because it's behind the shock.

The slender link at the rear orange is the toe link. From this vantage point we can see the missing link yellowa massive affair that also carries the spring and shock absorber. The toe link green we saw in the last shot sits just above it.

Both of them have eccentric cams built into their inner attachment points; the lower one is for camber and the upper one is for toe.Thank You very much for this post! Although i have a question about VSS I dont know if my car has that option although it has M adaptive suspension, which is not shown in my decoder btw.

bmw f30 adaptive suspension

I hope taht i will get answer soon Thank You in advance! Also i would like to add that when i sport mode, suspension significantly stiffens so, big difference in comfort. Doesn't the dynamic handling package option have an affect on ride firmness and performance on curves,particularly when combined with M adaptive suspension.

I currently have a x5 i with M adaptive and dynamic handling, 20inch staggered all weather continental extreme contact tires. No air suspension. The car handling and ride is awesome, no roll, pitch or swim. Road feel, and flattens wicked curves. Lease up, just ordered a loaded x5M50i with 20 inch wheels, M adaptive suspension, dynamic handling, integral active steering, being built for lease.

I hope the handling and ride lives up to my x5 I loved my d A bull on steroids and 41 mpg at 75mph. Email This BlogThis!

2012 BMW 328i: Suspension Walkaround

Anonymous October 31, at AM. Unknown October 31, at AM. Napoli February 28, at AM. Anonymous April 23, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.This part is legal for sale or use on Emissions Controlled Vehicles, Uncontrolled Non-Emissions Controlled Vehicles, and Racing Use Only Vehicles because it does not affect vehicle emissions and is not covered by emissions regulations. Larger Image. Overview Specs Emissions Overview Just as Performance Software dramatically changed the world of engine tuning, Shockware will forever change suspension tuning.

Since the introduction of the EDC system, Dinan has embraced the flexibility and performance that can be achieved by a suspension upgrade that leaves the EDC system in place. With the addition of Dinan Shockware, this solution takes another large step forward by also reprograming the damping curve of the damper itself.

The EDC system works by monitoring sensors measuring all aspects of the BMWs behavior then analyzing them and adjusting the actuators in the shock absorbers, which, with the help of magnetic valves change their characteristics in a fraction of a second. Dinan Shockware reprograms the software making the adjustments to respond in a way that would have recently required purchasing a new performance set of dampers, thus drastically reducing the cost of a suspension upgrade.

The suspension mode control switch is fully functional with the setting upgraded for each mode. Every setting has become more performance-based in how it reacts to changing road and driving conditions. The "Comfort" setting is now tuned to be the "Normal" setting, while the "Normal" setting is now tuned to be the "Sport" setting. The big change is when the BMW is set to "Sport" as that is the new Dinan high-performance programing. Dinan Shockware can be used as a standalone upgrade.

Tech Resources Applications Tech Resources. Only compatible with vehicles equipped with the Adaptive M Suspension.


Some parts are not legal for use in California or other states with similar regulations.Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Prev of 3 2 3 Next. BmmAde Original Poster 26 posts 82 months. Sorry if this has been covered before. Picking up a 16 plate d xdrive, and the spec sheet from dealer does not say it has adaptive suspension.

My last d F31 did come with adaptive suspension and it was noted on the spec sheet from dealer, and it had the same 3 options.

Hope someone can chime in. If it has the "chassis" option I believe it has adaptive suspension. Look on the suspension itself. Surely the easiest way to be sure. If it has a plug in the bottom of the shock then yes. Id say you have it ,otherwise all you would have is eco pro ,comfort and sport. JNW1 5, posts months.

CarsOrBikes 1, posts months. Adaptive is a tick box option, doesn't come with M Sport or M Sport plus, and chassis in the options on a car without it only tightens the steering feel. The options are the same in the iDrive with or without. I have it now on my M but had to order it, it wasn't on either of my d M Sport cars. LocoBlade 5, posts months. I think "Chassis" on a non adaptive car just makes the steering heavier and "more sporty" although I dislike it as it adds weight without any additional feel.

Best way to check is to put the chassis number into something like BMWVin. Thanks for all your replies. So after one day of driving Town and motorway, I really didn't notice not having adaptive which my d had. I didn't notice the soft and spongy SE suspension so many people post about.

Didn't notice much excessive body roll through corners. Or maybe I'm just getting old and not that bothered about detail anymore. Lol Going from comfort to sports is very noticeable for sure. So overall I'm very pleased with the upgrade.Remember Me?

Dinan Shockware Suspension Tuning Software - 2012-2020 BMW 2/3/4-Series

Standard - Who has tried both? Adaptive Suspension vs. Looking at ordering an mi x-drive. Has anyone tried both suspensions? The non-adaptive and adaptive have both been vastly improved according to earlier press releases. In the F30, the adaptive suspension was a no-brainier for me after driving both because, it came with an improved steering program. It doesn't seem like this difference has carried over. I would love to hear some takes on both suspensions.

Appreciate 0. From my experience, and as you noted, the F30 basically required it especially if getting xDrive. When I test drove the G20 M with xDrive, it had the non-adaptive M Sport Suspension, which was more than enough for my needs, so I didn't opt for it.

335d Xdrive - Does it have adaptive suspension

Private First Class. A quick summary: 1. Most people think the normal M Sport Suspension is sufficient and passed on the adaptive damper, as the standard suspension rides much better than its equivalent in the F30 generation cars. In terms of stiffness, the standard M suspension is between the "Normal" and "Sport" settings of Adaptive Suspension.

Appreciate 1. PandaMobile Originally Posted by bimmer Keep in mind that the M Adaptive Suspension is not merely an adjustable suspension with three overall stiffness settings so it will never exactly emulate the standard suspension regardless of the setting.

I live in Manhattan and would not consider getting a car that did not have active suspension.

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