This real world Canon EOS R review was originally shared to my Patreonbut in light of the new Canon cameras being released, I wanted to update it with a few notes. You can see more recent work on my instagram. Just kidding. And yessssss, you do need an adapter to use your Canon lensesbut they will all work! The Canon and Sigma lenses I already own work even better with this camera and you can even get an adapter with a dial that you can program to do different things like control ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc.

Mine does ISO stuff. So here we go! But this camera has got a few things going for it and ISO improvement is one of them. The default screen brightness, as is, can be difficult to see on a sunny day like a laptop screen on a sunny day. But because I typically left my Mark IV on full brightness for the sun-shine-makes-it-hard-to-see-LCD-screens reason, this means I now have a tendency to slightly overexpose with the R.

Which is awesome because high ISO works way better at retaining highlights than shadows. All good things. Although the R tells you every time you turn it off not to leave your camera in direct sunlight. Reason 2. One of the biggest benefits I had with EVF was shooting in a dark space where people were wandering in and out of spotlights and being able to see the exposure in real time without having to use live view. Use the light meteryou say? Are also trying to spread the gospel about blood letting and leeches as the latest medical advancements?

But the EOS R is just freaking better. Slow focus issues I previously blamed on certain lenses like the 50L and 85L are gone. For those of you not acquainted with the Mark IV, we were only able to use motion tracking all the way to the edges when you were in live view.

The EOS R, though, has been super reliable and I feel like my compositions are better because I can easily use my left thumb to move my focus point around on the LCD screen. Basically, I complained about the motion tracking at first and it was user error and it works great.Three things held me back, the lack of a joystick and the single card slot.

The touch bar is a waste of real estate to me and it could of been so much more if it was tactile. The screen is very bright, clear and the EVF is also true to life. Blame Phase One — they started the trend. You can illuminate the screen but the button has to be held down a little bit to illuminate rather than pressed. Even though this is not considered a pro body, it walks like a pro, quacks like a pro so you could call it pro.

In and upon itself the AF system as far as accuracy goes is blisteringly good. Having the dual pixel AF system has breathed new life into my lenses. My 50 1. With the EVF being so accurate and clear I can also get the correct exposure without having to look at the last photo to check. All my EF lenses behave just like they do on my 5Div. The last two are self-explanatory. The Canon Eos R touchscreen can be setup to have either each corner active, the top, bottom, left or right half active or the whole screen.

I personally have mine set to the top right corner so my thumb which is feeling lost without a joystick has somewhere to go. And this for the most part works ok, trouble is, to move from one point to the other I have to do three swipes.

It would be great if, via firmware Canon allowed us to decide how many AF points are active. Canon EF 50mm 1. The EF50 1. Servo mode is as good as the 5Div when using it for my work. This is good for aisle walks and first dances which are alI I usually track. A lot of people and the manual say that it should be -1 to keep locked on a subject but I prefer my AF to be super paranoid — I usually have a clean line of sight too during the procession and the first dance.

I popped the card in, the camera turned on, then off after 2 minutes. I am aware of there being issues with UHS-I cards. This is another one of the main reasons I wanted the camera. Same for sparkler tunnels too.Cameras and lens systems are tools, a means to an end, and the EOS R and RF lenses scream wedding photography to me, first and foremost. Weddings need quiet shooting but silent shooting is killer, and that is the advantage Sony has, and what the 5D doesn't do well.

There are a dozen other details dynamic range, resolution, video etc but if you don't have flowing, no compromise silent shooting, you are losing. Hence the touch bar weddings generally don't happen when you need gloves. Next, the lenses - what do you shoot weddings with? Heavy as hell, not as wide, but the results will speak for themselves. Or are you a prime shooter? A bokehlicious fast 50mm - tick, and a fast stabilized 35mm for wider, blurred movement dancing and with a bonus macro for the ring shot The upgrade cycle.

And then you have every other Canon lens on the smartest adaptor so far, with a control ring. Sure, the R system is going to appeal to a lot more shooters, but this is meant first and foremost for weddings and similar. Since I am not a wedding shooter, I would have loved Canon to devote their resources more quickly to a 7D mark III with better dynamic range and colour science, a matching new EF-S telephoto zoom fixed length mm?

And even more dynamic range on the 5D series For still photographers, we feel the Nikon Z5 represents the best value for the money when it comes to full-frame mirrorless cameras. Which is why it receives our top award.

Canon EOS R Real World Review (Comparing to Canon 5D Mark IV)

The Sony ZV-1 was designed specifically for vloggers, but this compact camera is an excellent option for still photographers too. We got our hands on the brand new Instax SQ1: an easy-to-use instant camera that shoots square format film. Despite a couple of quirks, we think it's a camera that photographers and non-photographers alike will find fun to use. Sony's a7C is among the smallest full-frame mirrorless cameras you can buy, and in terms of core capability, not much has been sacrificed for the sake of compactness.

But are you ready to make it your next go-to travel camera? Find out how it stacks up in our initial review. It includes updates to Panasonic's DFD autofocus system, creative photo modes, and video features that come close to matching the more expensive S1H. What's the best camera for shooting sports and action? Fast continuous shooting, reliable autofocus and great battery life are just three of the most important factors.

In this buying guide we've rounded-up several great cameras for shooting sports and action, and recommended the best.This review has been updated to reflect the behavior and performance of firmware v1.

canon eos r review wedding photography

Canon says the shorter RF lens mount will allow them to design better or smaller lenses than they can for the existing EF mount.

Unfortunately, while it's capable of great image quality, handling and ergonomics are a mixed bag and the EOS R's video capabilities lag behind the competition considerably. The EOS R was announced less than two weeks after Nikon's Z7, which itself is Nikon's first full-frame mirrorless camera and is also designed around a new mount. Where Nikon makes a big deal about how immediately familiar the Z7 will be to existing Nikon shooters, Canon is incorporating some more radical ergonomic innovations on the EOS R - it handles unlike any existing Canon camera.

Let's take a closer look at what exactly those innovations are and how they work.

Canon EOS R Review - A Wedding photographers review

The EOS R comes with a lot more than just a new mount. Read about the new features included on the EOS R. The EOS R is Canon's lightest full-frame camera, but remains weather sealed and has a full-size grip. Read about all of the EOS R's ergonomic updates here.

The EOS R comes with a mix of control points that can be widely customized, and some that can't be customized at all. The EOS R comes with some surprising ergonomic updates that aren't to everyone's tastes, but its still capable of great image quality. Find out how we think it stacks up for a variety of types of shooting. The EOS R can take some great photos, but is broadly overshadowed by the competition and struggles to stand out in today's crowded market.

I bought this knowing that it's not technically the best FF mirrorless out there, and while it has its faults, honestly it really is a really good camera.

Outstanding battery life, fantastic AF, nice features like moving the focusing point via the touchpad and it being compatible with all of my EF lenses is just the icing on the cake. This is the first time coming to a mirrorless camera, so features like focus peaking etc. Noise wise, it's the same as my older 6D which itself is already fantasticbut dynamic range is better. It gets criticism over it's video support and lack of IBIS, but honestly they're not deal breakers. Any lenses I have that need it already come with decent IS.

I don't do a lot of video work so I'm not phased by that either. From what I can see this camera takes some of the best photos out there. It has one of Canons best sensors. It now has very good eye af. I think this camera offers better image quality than the 90d.When Sony announced the first iteration of the a7 innot many photographers thought much of it.

So where does that leave me, having been a Canon user for nearly 10 years now? I enjoy the 5D Mark IV. I love its size, dual-pixel autofocus and for the most part, it does a good job of keeping up with my editorial approach to weddings. The EVF is great, the autofocus is excellent, and the customisation options are powerful and plentiful. On the downside, the ergonomics leave a bit to be desired, and the single card slot may be a deal-breaker for some.

EOS R = wedding camera system

If I had to take an educated guess, my hit rate using an SLR over the past 4 to 6 years would be anywhere from 40 to 60 percent. This includes everything from dimly lit prep photos all the way to bodies moving on the dance floor.

While the powerhouse pro bodies are still slightly quicker for initial focus lock in servo, the EOS R has a better chance of delivering more pictures in focus from the set. This is a great improvement. Gone are the days of being locked into a few dozen AF points clustered in the middle of your frame.

Gone are the days of completely blowing an exposure. As is the case with any mirrorless, what you see in the EVF is what you get.

canon eos r review wedding photography

The refresh rate is fast and the resolution is crisp. I did notice some odd lag when using IS lenses at lower shutter speeds. I cringed when I heard Canon might go with the flip-out approach, and unfortunately my fears where confirmed. The flip out LCD is cumbersome. In order to achieve tilt functionality, the LCD must be folded out to the side and then rotated degrees. When Nikon released the specs of their Z6 and Z7, people lost their minds over the single memory card slot.

Canon took slightly less flak when announcing the same news, but the fact remains that a single memory card slot is unacceptable. Using the camera during a shoot, it gave me a recording error, requiring a reboot.Claire and Lisa, Australia Express Iceland, July 2010 We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the trip.

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canon eos r review wedding photography

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Canon EOS R review

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canon eos r review wedding photography

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