Cartoon Beatbox Battles is a show full of competitors of multiple cartoon characters from multiple series fighting with beatboxing in a giant tournament with your ref, verbalase!

Cartoon Beatbox Lessons is a mini-show with your teacher, verbalaseteaching you on how to become a beatboxing legend just like him! The episode starts with a flashback of Pennywise Vs Groot in the start-up, and showcasing Pennywise won against Groot. Pennywise tells verbalase that "he'll float too", with verbalase responding he already knows how to swim. Pennywise get's mad, which then verbalase quickly runs away.

Cartoon Beatbox Battles Semi-Finalists Battle Royale

Black Panther can be seen with his head tilted, yelling at verbalase that he just did. Full Article Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Welcome to the unofficial Cartoon Beatbox Wiki! Before contributing, please read the rules. Black Panther Vs Sonic Watch the latest episode that's out now! Previous episodes Watch the previous episodes that have come out!

Black Panther!! The poll was created at on August 18,and so far people voted. Who do you want to win Cartoon Beatbox Battles? The poll was created at on September 11,and so far people voted. I loved every single frame of it! I enjoyed it a lot! It's great. I think it's decent. Meh, I don't really care.

I think it's mediocre. It's kinda bad. It's awful! I have no opinion on the episode. Categories :.He's trying his hardest to earn a good amount of money to make more of these episodes since COPPA has started. It would help him a lot. With that, enjoy this bonus fictional fight. They've won in a beatbox battle but who will win in a fight? The winners start getting frustrated at each other and start fighting in the beatbox ring. Verbalase gets out before he is attacked!

Verbalase: Come one guys! It's not up to you guys to vote! It's the audience's vote! It's no use. I can't get these guys to stop. Black Panther slashes Sonic with his claws. Sonic runs around Black Panther and finally spin dashes into Black Panther who grabs him while Sonic is still spinning. Black Panther starts getting pushed back as Sonic kicks him out of the ring. Pennywise and Thanos clash right into each other, trying to push each other over until Thanos whacks Pennywise down hard on the ground.

Pennywise then gets up as Thanos punches his head off. Pennywise's head starts bouncing around Thanos who gets bitten. The rest of Pennywise grabs the Infinity Stones and his head which is reattached. Pennywise laughs evilly and summons heaps of balloons which spin around Thanos who can't see Pennywise. Thanos turns around and gets jumpscared by Pennywise who tackles Thanos down.

cartoon beatbox battles episode 12

Patrick tries to attack Groot who is shorter than him. Groot grabs Patrick with his arms and hits him across the floor numerous times until Patrick is thrown away.

Patrick has easily been defeated.

cartoon beatbox battles episode 12

SpongeBob runs and tries to help Patrick but is stopped by Deadpool who has waited for his chimichangas. Deadpool tries to shoot SpongeBob who quickly grabs out his spatula and blocks the bullets. Deadpool then grabs out his swords, ready to cook SpongeBob who slices Deadpool's arm off. SpongeBob screams until Deadpool's arm grows back. SpongeBob then blows bubbles which pops towards Deadpool's eyes, causing him to be blind and fall backwards off the ring while landing on Black Panther.

Sign In Don't have an account?Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. It shows all of the parts of Black Panther Vs Sonic, in a screenshot-gallery type form. Contents [ show ]. Black Panther Vs Sonic Patreon sneak peak. Last time on Cartoon Beatbox Battles, I turned into reverse chocolate milk.

Verbal Ase

Although Pennywise showed us another scary performance. To see more episodes, make sure you guys click that subscribe button. Today's battle is going to be between another two characters. In this corner weighing pounds and 6 feet tall! Ah- I- I'm sorry T'challa, but I really don't know how to say your name.

cartoon beatbox battles episode 12

What do you mean you don't know how to say my name? In this corner weighing 77 pounds and a height of 3 foot 3 inches. No, we just happen to speak the same language on our planet. What are Ninja Turtles? Sound's like something slow. Woah woah woah, Raph. The only reason people went to go see it, is because Jim Carrey was in it! Woah, Sonic, that was lower than the ratings of your game in ! But don't worry Black Panther, you can get him back.

Know you're not ready yet, Know you're not ready to get stepped on like a cat! The Vibranium's gonna make him weak, better bring him to the vet.Skip navigation. Select a membership level. Shout Out. You'll have your name listed as a supporter of the series in my youtube videos.

Sneak Peak.

cartoon beatbox battles episode 12

This is the first cartoon show that is specifically about beatboxing; taking 2 similar characters from 2 different shows, and making them beatbox battle against each other! After receiving tons of views and feedback from the fans, I decided to make this a full series that will feature dozens of battles between cartoon characters who have never met before!

I am paying for the entire series out of my own pocket one episode at a time which can be really challenging to maintain as the animation is VERY expensive! I will be eternally grateful and will have your name listed in my Youtube videos so everyone can see that the show is still going on thanks to you! Much love and respect to you all and thank you so much for your support!

When I reach patrons I will be able to hire more animators for "Cartoon Beatbox Battles" speeding up the production time and improving the quality of the animation. By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts. Recent posts by Verbal Ase. How it works. Add a payment method. Patreon logo. Language: English.

Currency: USD. What is Patreon? Can I cancel my pledge any time? Learn More.Black Panther Vs Sonic is the twelfth episode in Cartoon Beatbox Battlesand the twelfth episode overall excluding live episodes. This episode was a dedication to Chadwick Bosemanthe actor for Black Panther who passed away.

Due to Youtube's removal of poll cards, verbalase has made comments for people to like the comment with the character they want to win. This is the first time verbalase has used comments for voting, and this was the voting system that decided who won this episode. The episode starts with a flashback of Pennywise Vs Groot in the start-up, and showcasing Pennywise won against Groot. Pennywise tells verbalase that "he'll float too", with verbalase responding he already knows how to swim. Pennywise get's mad, which then verbalase quickly runs away.

Black Panther can be seen with his head tilted, yelling at verbalase that he just did. Sonic denies that claim, stating that he just happens to speak the same language on earth. Sonic then asks what Ninja Turtles are, stating that they sound slow. Raphael hears this and get's mad, with verbalase telling him to wait next season. Sonic welcomes Black Panther, with Black Panther telling him that he doesn't care, and that Sonic's movie was terrible, and people only watched it for Jim Carrey.

Sonic then tells Black Panther that the reason he is Black Panther, is because he wasn't fast enough to save his dad. Black Panther then holds his mask in a sad expression, with verbalase saying that was lower than the ratings for Sonic Sonic can be seen in Wakanda, telling Black Panther to get ready to be kicked out.

Sonic's then back to the arenamaking a pun with Black Panther's name, "T'chilli". Sonic's then in a kingdom, sitting on a throne and putting a crown on his head.

Sonic points at Black Panther, stating "You think you're fast, but when you blink right there I'll be gone". Sonic then runs away in a blink of an eye, and taps Black Panther on the shoulder. Black Panther looks behind, with Sonic holding a laptop to the site "couldntsavemydad. The scene then cuts to Sonic dancing, then doing a backflip, stating "Know you're not ready yet, Know you're not ready to get stepped on, by me again".

Sonic then shoes a whiteboard of steps on how to step on a cat. Sonic then grabs a bag of "Black Panther", which is just kitty litter. Black Panther catches it and get's mad. Sonic is then seen with a doctor outfit, and an alarm clock. Sonic uses a stethoscope and an alarm clock to identify Black Panther's heart rate, in which Black Panther breaks the alarm clock and stethoscope. Black Panther attempts to catch Sonic, but fails.

Sonic then dresses up in under a second. Sonic is then seen with a Black Panther dance, and doing a ballet spin dance. Black Panther is then seen wearing a tutu. Sonic is then in a doctor outfit again, in Wakanda, treating a few felines, which are in really bad tempature. Sonic then cuts to the arena where he points at Black Panther, stating he can't dance. Sonic then beatboxes. Sonic and Amy then beatbox together.

Sonic is then holding a miniature Black Panther, and then drops it and crushes it with his foot. He then grabs the ashes of the crushed Black Panther. Then cuts to Sonic, Amy, and Shadow all beatboxing together.Or, check out our Email Design Guide for tips and best practices that will help you convey your message in style.

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