Heres a story I've been thinking about for quite sometime, and I decided to put it up here. A young man hummed quietly to himself as he stitched together some fabric to make various household items, like blankets, or curtains. The window was open slightly letting in a light breeze throughout the home. The young man continued to work as he rocked himself in a rocking chair slowly.

His golden blonde hair flipped at the ends slightly, he occasionally brushed his long bangs out of his golden eyes. Despite the cozy atmosphere inside, it was eerie and strange outside. Humanity had been wiped out by a freak accident. And it was only humankind. Animals, plants, everything else had been spared. The young man had been exiled here from his original home in the heavens. Speaking of which, he was an angel. He had been exiled for falling in love and mating with a demon.

x demon male reader

It was a complicated matter, but that's a quick summary. Then the blonde felt someone cover his eyes. His eyes were uncovered and he smiled at his mate. Dominic nodded putting down a canvas bag filled with food "Angelo, I don't get why you keep asking that.

I mean humans have a ton of food! If it's not in their markets, it's at a storage warehouse, and if it's not there, it's at a farm or something. Angelo smiled as Dominic lugged the sack to him.

The Pillars ft. Kagaya Ubuyashiki + Harry Potter AU (2/?)

The angel searched through the bag nodding a few times and "m-hm"ing. Dominic knelt in front of Angelo who was eating some chips.

Angelo mumbled something that sounded like "Too late, I've already gotten fat. Angelo looked at the demon curiously "Can you hear anything through the sweater?

x demon male reader

He had a habit of wearing white, but Dominic dealt with it, after all, the demon preferred wearing black, so they were even.

Dominic was silent for a few seconds then looked up at Angelo, "I can kind of hear them. But, it sounds muffled through the sweater…" Angelo lifted the sweater, and Dominic rubbed the smooth taunt pale skin.

x demon male reader

He then listened again. Dominic helped him stand up and they went to the kitchen. Angelo sat on a barstool as he watched Dominic cook. He was really good at it, and Angelo had nothing better to do. Dominic cooked mixing spices and using various oils. The amazing smells made Angelo's mouth water, and his stomach growl.

(MALE YANDERE) Yandere Kidnaps You~ Ft. Dark Mysty ASMR (ASMR RP Male X Female Listener)

Finally, Dinner was served. It was some sort of meat, beef, Dominic told him, with some steamed vegetables. It smelled great, and Angelo wanted seconds, but Dominic had tapped his nose telling him to make room for dessert.Scotland x Demon! Reader, lemon and romance, the reader is kind and bitchy, it takes place in the beginning on a battlefield and involved a knife.

The ground was paved in blood.

x demon male reader

A man stood above the fallen, blood red hair flying in the wind, blood covering his clothing. His green cape flapped in the wind as well. His eye flashed a look in another direction and he saw you.

He stabbed in your direction and you fell on your knees at his feet. You gasped in pain, holding your hands over your bleeding stomach. He kicked you and you toppled over. The wound was healing beneath your fingers and you hissed at him. He chuckled. I'm just irritated that you dared to side with my brother Ireland instead of me. The little brat, so ungrateful. Your wound fully healed and you stood, glaring up at him.

You summoned me, that is all. His green eyes took on a deathly look and you resisted the urge to back up. He was a frightening sight when angered. He grabbed one of your hands in his own and caressed it. You knelt in front of Ian's dog and petted him. You felt a lot like the poor animal, forced to do things you didn't want to, stuck as the monster's pet.

He could be so nice though You sighed and gave the poor guy a scratch behind the ear. His leg started going and you laughed. He licked you. You startled back, but laughed even harder a moment later.This is followers special so I hope you all like it!! Thank you so much for supporting me I love you all! Being a demon hunter was really an arduous and a busy profession, specifically that you were always sent on a mission by Oyakata-sama.

Keep reading. Originally posted by planetafiyu. He legit has no bad or tainted intentions. He just wants to make you happy and hold you close… He lost too much to take anything for granted and wants to hold you close.

Not to be lewd or anything, but he dreams of cuddling with you next to a fireplace. He always puts your needs before him. Please, take his food!

You can take his haori. He can work a little harder to buy it for you! He just wants to crawl up next to you and lay his head down in your lap. Please play with his hair? Stroke his head? Cuddling when you sleep! He feels so at home when he wraps around you…It makes him secure and easier to sleep. He has had crushes before but too busy to ever pursue them. He is a little unsure in his actions on what to do. It was probably after a dangerous mission and when he saw you again, he realized how scared he is to never see you again.

He gently grabbed the sides of your face to gaze at you before you closed the distance and sweetly kissed him. It was a little awkward trying to figure it out, but it was so gentle and genuine you teared up.

He just gets so worried even though he knows you can handle yourself! Expect a hug when you get back from one! He saw you teaching her how to make a flower crown and could of swore he died right at that moment of pure joy. He deserves it. Baby has been through so much he really needs some love and someone to fall against. Polish or sharpen his sword, write him a few encouraging notes, or even buy matching necklaces!

Originally posted by herohunter. But, whenever he tries to yell out to tell you to fight him, it turns into a weird pig-like squeal and his words die out. Instead of challenging you every few minutes, he protects you. He may even give you some lessons for self defense.

However, if you are a demon slayer, he does like to go on missions with you and keep an eye on you. He will glare and challenge Zenitsu if he asks you to marry him…. Or giving him praise!! Simply like brushing his hair or making him take baths. He really prefers it if you take a bath with him, so you can reach his back. Over a while, bathing together just becomes the norm for you two. Originally posted by thecrazyanimegirl. He never would imagine you actually would.And so, I too am trash.

I want to defeat Muzan, and then die. I pray my impure blood is somehow cleansed. I want to be reborn in a peaceful world without demons. And then next time, I can tell you I love you. God bless that ask dudeandduchess stxricebunny. Genre : demon! Jungkook x FemConstantine! You only really think about it if you take the time to. Also, a kind anon requested it. Keep reading. Originally posted by scaryplanet.

Thank you for reading! I got a little carried away and basically wrote a fic instead of just a bullet point style imagine. All well! I hope you like Hazzel he will be a recurring shadow boi. Also please forgive any spelling or grammar mistakes! Also requests are open! Summary: Sebastian struggles to understand his feelings for you and his new found insecurity over what he is.

Originally posted by kuroshitsuji. All demons care about, are the souls they get to eat. The contracts we hold and keeping the pure soul alive until we could eat. The only thing that matters to a demon butler would be the human that holds the mark and contract So why do I care about her?

She stands in the middle of the ballroom, dress flowing down from her hips and a tall stance. Her smile is inviting but her stance and beauty is intimidating. The cat ears on her head are childish but shows her ability not to care about them, in order to please the young lords fiance.

Which makes the cat ears quite suitable in her personality.

She talks to a suitor, a man with messy hair and an embarrassing blush covering her face. But she sends him a smile; her giggle floating across the room and the sight disgusts me. But why? He stumbles, almost falling and causing her to giggle. Once they are seated, he reaches out and places a hand over her own.

demon slayer x reader

She blushes. I growl, moving without thinking. I want her to stare at him in disgust like she has with the many other suitors before him. The sight usually makes me laugh at how sad it is. But now it just makes me angry. She gasps, placing her hand on her chest and flashing me a brilliant smile.Hey everyone!

This is my first character x reader story so yeah Anyways, I'll take harsh criticism if you pm me. Favorite and Review please! In this story, your a young girl whatever age you really are and you are super demented and strong. Your strength matches that of a Demon's more or less. You love to see people die and hate love Let's see what Sebastian has in store for you. London was bright red, on fire, because of me. The crimson color matched the blood stained streets.

What a beautiful sight, I thought to myself. I sigh and fall bored again. That's what caused me to start this mess in the first place anyway. I walk down the streets, a man on the ground pleading for me to help him. I giggled and stepped on his torso.

I continued down the street when out the corner of my eye I saw a red headed person jumping from roof to roof. Around a corner the figure stops and turns around.

I hide behind the wall. I almost gasp as I opened my eyes. The figure wasn't there, but was looking at a tall thin man with raven hair. The black haired man turned around. I could have sworn he saw me. I begin to make my escape casually. Just in case, I limp past the two. Once I thought I'd go unnoticed, I turned around.

Nothing's behind me. I turn back to face front and ran into the raven haired guy. My business is with Ciel Phantomhive. I gulp and the man stares me in the eye. He has reds eyes and I wondered what kind of person he is. I continue my statement.And welcome back all of you that decided to pay attention to this story. Last time we were here you had saved the royal sisters from a wanted rapist and his group of thugs, but in the process you were struck by a crossbow bolt and fell unconscious due to blood lost.

You woke up with fuzzy vision, a headache and a pain that felt like hell's fire. You tried moving your right arm, but only made the pain several levels worse.

You looked down and saw your right shoulder and part of your chest was wrapped in bandages, that when you noticed that you weren't wearing your top and it revealed your well defined chest.

You looked around to see that you were in a room with pale green walls with red designs in intricate patterns the ceiling was white and the baseboards were colored blue with matching crown moldings at the edges of the ceiling. You were currently resting in what looked like a hospital bed. A doctor was coming in and heard your question, "You're in the Arendelle infirmary, and you've been asleep for 9 days.

You always were a fast healer, but your healing process was a quite painful experience. The doctor went over and opened the door, "Your majesty," he said with a slight bow and he held the door open.

demon x reader

A beautiful blonde came in, even though she was wearing a different dress, and her hair was in a braided bun A. What she looked like during her coronationyou recognized her as one of the girls you saved. She turned towards you, "How do you feel? You groaned as you used your left arm to help you sit up, "Like I've gone through hell and back," you said your voice raspy, "And also a little thirsty.

She grabbed a cup and poured some water into it. She walked up beside your bed, "Here you go," when she handed you the cup your hand momentarily brushed against hers, the contact caused the cup to slightly frost over.

You really hoped it wasn't you, "Sorry about that," she apologized. You were inwardly relieved that it wasn't you, "So I guess the rumors are true about you. You had indeed heard rumors of how the Queen of Arendelle sent her kingdom into an eternal winter in the middle of summer after her coronation. Elsa raised an eyebrow, "Why do you say that? You clutched at your shoulder breathing heavily, "Are you alright? The queen nodded and walked out of the room. Not long after she did you fell asleep again.

Elsa closed the door behind her, she felt… intrigued by you. Did you get his name? You know I've been practically dying to thank him all week. I mean it's all I've been thinking about these past few days.Welcome back spawn of the darkest and coldest pit in hell does that even existI bet you're here to hear another gripping chapter of your story. I gotta say I want to thank you guys, over 15, views. That's more than all of my stories except one, and I'm about to hit reviews. This is awesome.

Well before we get to that I need to get something off my chest…. Yes school is finally out so I'll have a lot more time to write and be able to give more frequent updates. Even then my main focus will be on another fanfic called Summer Loveone that I think you guys should check out when given the chance. The reason being as it's part of a challenge I created; the Summer Vacation Challenge.

You started a multi-chapter fic and the beginning of the summer and finish it by the time summer ends. I think I can do it, but I'm going to need you guys' support on it, so read and review it. Now that my indirect fanfic advertisement is done, where did we last leave off? We last left off with you continuing your journey to conquer your inner darkness be becoming one with it and having to relive the memory of the siege.

While doing so you had a small flashback that something about the men leading the siege was familiar. Meanwhile back in Arendelle Hans shows your journal to Kristoff and Elsa, after slightly invading your privacy something Elsa was against they find out that you are the Prince of Frostridge and decide to go back to your castle and have another go at talking some sense into you and stop this war before it starts. Shade senses that you are getting very close to mastering the power of darkness, but the joy is short lived when the plant-based assassin arrives at your fortress.

Alright alright, this outta be good. I don't own Frozen, if I did there would've been a lot more action and I would've given Elsa a kick-ass boyfriend by now, because honestly she deserves nothing less than that.

She's a strong woman with awesome ice powers and teaches us more lessons in a single Disney that are crucial to both kids and teens about life, marriage and family and… on second thought maybe she doesn't need a love life after all. She's done all this on her own with the support of her family. Honestly Elsa is probably the greatest Disney female they've come up with since… I can't think of anyone because every Disney princess I can think of has married or gotten into a relationship with a guy she just met.

Belle doesn't count since she never really was a princess. Personally the only people I think that deserve Elsa are the people that think the same things I do about her.

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